Vehiculum Capital, the iterative fund

Venture capital strategy should be iterative as the markets themselves: For this we deploy funds deal-by-deal, evolving thesis & approach over time, focusing on pre-seed/seed deeptech startups in UK & US. 

We combine investors who commit to all deals (LP-VC model style), and who opt-in on select opportunities (syndicate-style), thereby maximizing flexibility, speed & network outreach. We promise founders fast and non-invasive due diligence, decision making, and post-investment partner networking.

Disclosed Portfolio

ChipFlow (Hardware/Microchips) is revolutionizing custom microchip development, making it accessible to companies with little/no in-house hardware development;

Invitris (Biotech/Scalable protein synthesis) is solving the antibiotic resistance problem by scaling production of viruses that eat target bacteria.


The present information does not constitute a solicitation or offer to buy or sell any securities, investments or related financial instruments.


Companies seeking investment can send deliverables to <>.